#3 Unreleased Bollywood Movies.



Chor Mandali (1983)
Raj Kapoor, in his last movie, teams up with Ashok Kumar to foil a diamond
heist. It was dubbed and completed but its release got stalled by a dispute.

Paanch (2001)
The Censor Board frowned at the violence unleashed by five wannabe
rocksters­turned­murderers. Debutant director Anurag Kashyap refused to
budge, but the producers finally lost interest.

Ladies Only (1998)
Based on Jane Fonda’s Nine to Five. Randhir Kapoor plays a lecherous boss
whom his female employees conspire to murder. Producer Kamal Haasan has a
deadly role­of a corpse. Completed but not released as Haasan didn’t get the
price he wanted.

Indian (1997)
Sunny Deol in twin roles­a terrorist and an army officer. Producer Pahlaj
Nihalani splurged Rs 4.5 crore, including Rs 1.75 crore on canning a song
sequence with the lead pair, Deol and Aishwarya Rai.

Deodhar Gandhi (1998)
One of an army of post­Ghayal films with a very angry Sunny Deol in the lead.
Directed by Guddu Dhanoa, Priyanka Chopra joined the cast later.

Mumbai Central (2004)
Kaizad Gustad’s film screeched to a halt after his assistant director Nadia Khan
was run over by a commuter train close to the film’s eponymous train station.

Jana Na Dil Se Door (2001)
Guide turns writer. Dev Anand teamed up with brother Vijay (Goldie) to play a
writer who never gets his due. “The film became an orphan,” sighs Dev Anand.
“It’s sad Goldie died before he could release it.”

Dus (1996)
Indian agents Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan infiltrate Pakistan to prevent a
fourth Indo­Pak war. It was meant to be techno­geek Mukul Anand’s epic,
lavishly mounted in Utah (which doubled up for Kashmir and Pakistan). His
premature death, however, meant the film remained an unfinished labour of

Marudanaayagam (1998)
An obsessed southern superstar’s swords­and­sandals epic about an Indian
braveheart taking on British invaders in 18th century, Tamil Nadu got a royal
flag­off in Chennai from Queen Elizabeth herself. Sputtered to a halt a year later
when it ran out of finance after an hour of footage including a massive battle
sequence in Rajasthan had been canned. Kamal Haasan still has plans of
reviving it.

Let’s Catch Veerappan(2004)
It was a black comedy about three villagers by Ram Gopal Verma. As
Veerappan was caught and killed on the first day of shooting, the film was also
killed just then.