Bollywood Celebrities Who Used Body Doubles For A Hot Scene.



Showing a lot of skin on camera is a big NO NO for some of our Bollywood actors unlike Hollywood actors who do intimate scenes with great ease. Those bold scenes are done by body doubles and this is what we gonna show you now.

  1. Seema Biswas(Bandit Queen)

Phoolan Devi Seema brought national awards for her incredible role in the movie. It is so real and bold that in one scene where the lady fetch water from the well whole naked was done by the body double.

  1. Priyanka Chopra(7 Khoon Maaf)

If you thought that PeeCee showed her bare back on camera then you are absolutely wrong. Body double was used to show Priyanka drooping her top and exposing her back in a particular scene of the movie.

3. Sunny Leone(Ek Paheli Leela)

Sunny performed a scene with his husband Daniel as a body double of the lead hero in some of the sensuous scenes. Moreover her boldness never stops amazing people no matter whoever is in her opposite.

4. Mallika Sherawat(Hiss)

Somehow known for her bold scenes, Mallika does all her intimate scenes herself but according to her brother some of the scenes of the movie were done by body double.

5. Nandita Das(Fire)

‘Homosexuality’ based movie demanded many intimate scenes of Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi for which the bare body scenes were done by the body double of Nandita.