Competition Begins Among Co-stars.

Competition and jealousy lies everywhere and it must gears up the progress of a person too. And it is not mandatory only among the foes, but possible among closed friends too. When one can take the competition in a positive way ,it undoubtedly brings positive effect. Nothing is equal in this world and it should not be. Then no varieties exist. Everyone has their own uniqueness and it is also said that no progress is possible without contraries. So,  more uniqueness is possible to come in a field only then when we accept the varieties. “Beauty” is something that defines separately different things in its own way; it is not necessary to point out the things in a same way. We are discussing about it as recently two incidents in our B-Town stir this kind of thinking.

Firstly, Taapsee Pannu has opined that she feels jealous for Jacqueline Fernandez as she has very beautiful figure. In the previous year the hit movie Judwaa2 casted Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu. There was a great chemistry between these two actress but, now Pannu says that she has jealously against Fernandez. Taapsee is now busy in promoting her upcoming movie”Junglee”(2018) and for this she came in a T.V reality show where she was asked to whom she is feeling jealous for ? No doubt, it is a kind of appreciation for Jacqueline from Pannu and such kind of jealousy is really praisable for all time. And of course beauty of something,appreciation for someone are somethings which lie in the eyes and minds of the beholders. Besides fan-followers of Jacequline , when co-actress passes such kind of comment for the heroine it is really a commendable achievement.

Secondly, Shahid-Ranveer’s battlefield is still enacted outside of the screen of Padmaavat. Shahid has earned lots appreciation for his role as king Rana Rawal Ratan Singh. Still he is not satisfied with such thing as his role was not as loud as the role of Ranveer,Khilji. Shahid has claimed that if he was given the chance for the role of khilji, he would try it more differently in order to give it an exquisite shape. It sounds like that he is not so happy even after lots success in the box office of Padmaavat. But, it is only because of the role for Khilji. But, Shahid never forgets to appreciate the performance of Ranveer Singh.What he did actually, he showed her interest if he will be given any kind of such role in future! This is of course a note of challenge too.Ultimately such kind of jealousy is nothing but a kind of preparation for making better, doing better in the upcoming.