#3 Famous Bollywood Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Copied!!



16. Saawariya (2005) inspired by Le Notti Bianche (1957)

Saawariya might not be to everyone’s taste but its beauty is
indisputable. Quite a lot of people were left confused with the
treatment of the movie. It is inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s White
Nights , a short story that inspired Le Notti Bianche . Such inspiration
really ignites the woodpile spirit of “Saawariya” whose picturesque
presentation makes its fans baawariya for it.

17. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986) inspired by 12 Angry Men (1957)

Whether you appreciate art films or not, whether you have watched
Ek Ruka Hua Faisla or not, you must watch 12 Angry Men . Both
these movies are masterpieces and narrate a story that would do a
disservice if not told.

18. Malamaal Weekly (2006) inspired by Waking Ned Devine (1998)

Malamaal Weekly was a surprise hit . And if one likes the movie, then
s/he must watch the original Waking Ned Devine , the hilarity of
which has been lost in translation. Original version is a far more
hilarious than copied version Malamaal Weekly . Sometimes copied
version becomes failure to embrace the original’s success!

19. Zinda (2006) inspired by Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy is a disturbing movie, so, the squeamish might want to stay
away from it. Its remake, Zinda , however, is the epitome of bad
movie making and is a train wreck.

20. We Are Family (2010) From Stepmom (1998)

Stepmom could have Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon but its remake
also boasts Kajol and Kareena Kapoor. But did that save We Are
Family from being a flop? No, it didn’t. Whatever the blame is, should
go to the director who is a big fan of clichés. Stepmom , on the other
hand will take you on a tear­filled, emotional ride.

21. Shaurya (2008) inspired by A Few Good Men (1992)

We are just glad that both these movies got made. The sincerity and
earnestness of A Few Good Men is perfectly captured in Shaurya . It
just makes it all a bit better that both the movies have stellar casts.

22. Kati Patang (1970) inspired by No Man Of Her Own (1932)

Both No Man Of Her Own and Kati Patang only add to the
ever­increasing collection of good movies. The Rajesh Khanna and
Asha Parekh starrer is quite the cinematic gem. But one must definitely watch the original, which has been forgotten in time.

23. Chocolate (2005) inspired by The Usual Suspects (1995)

If you have watched Chocolate , then you probably hated it. But trust
us, The Usual Suspects is nothing like that. It is a neo­noir crime
mystery thriller with a stellar cast and an expert screenplay.

24. Bheja Fry 2 (2007) inspired by The Dinner Game

Bheja Fry is still considered to be one of the funniest Hindi films of
modern times. The Dinner Game is all that and slightly better. Both
the films will tickle your funny bone to no end.

25. Bumm Bumm Bole (2010) inspired by Children Of Heaven

Bumm Bumm Bole is an authorised remake of the beautiful Iranian
movie, Children of Heaven . A more simplistic, yet perfect and
innocent movie probably hasn’t been made. Whether you liked Bumm
Bumm Bole or not, Children Of Heaven is a movie you cannot afford
to miss. Original version creates just wow expression for its own!

26. Life In A… Metro (2007) inspired by The Apartment (1960)

Life In A… Metro was a hit and was received well because of its
treatment of real­life issues. The movie also has a great cast. Its
inspiration, The Apartment , however, is a comedy drama. It is also an
Academy Award winning movie.

To be continued…