Ghoomar- Interesting Facts (Padmaavat Row)



Ghoomar in Bhansali’s Padmaavat unveiled it’s grandeur through its production
and its majestic presentation. This well known Rajasthani folk dance form
is performed by specially veiled women with flowing dresses named Ghaghara.
This Ghoomar song sung by Shreya Ghosal that occupied the second position in YouTube
trending. This ghoomar is actually a folk dance form of Rajasthan. This
dance form is so popular that it came in the 4th position among the Top 10 local
dances around the world in 2013. The word ghoomar derives from the word
Ghoomna which describes the twirling movement of the performers. In
Padmaavat such twirling movements are much noticeable. From the beginning to
end this Ghoomar song covers the dressing tradition and twirling movements
beautifully. Total 66 numbers of twirls had been taken for this dance form in
Padmaavat where the moving in and out of a wide circle is vividly
picturised. This dance form is mainly widespread among Rajput community and
performed by the women of this community during auspicious and joyous
occasions like weddings, festivals and religious occasions. This is one of the
highlighted part of the film where Deepika Padukone as bride performs her first
dance after wedding.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has opined that this song through dancing is actually a
tribute to brave Rajput women of Rajasthan. One of the most accomplished
Ghoomar dancers of Rajasthan named Jyothi D Tommaar was on the set to
make sure of Deepika’s performance of this dance form with grace and grandeur
that it deserves. It is heard from the source of production that through this
majestic and ethereal presentation they wanted to retain the absolute authenticity
of the Ghoomar form. It was a kind of challenge for Deepika to perform the
subtle and intricate dance form in order to show the royalty actually.

Besides it, the most interesting fact is that in this song Deepika has worn 20 kgs
lehenga, 4 kgs dupatta, and 11 kgs ornaments which includes 3 kilo gold. This 3
kilo gold includes all the traditional Rajput jewellery like Triple Borla, Choker,
Nath, Traditional bangles, Bazuband, and Payel. Design Manager of Tanishq
has said that such special jewellery pieces have been created for Deepika

Every action has its own reaction. This reaction may be good or may be bad which is varied from one man to another and for this ghoomar there is no
exception actually! After releasing the song, it makes its viewers more than 1
crore in social media less than 24 hours but, at the same time some people
convey their sorrow saying that Deepika’s ghoomar does not match with the
traditional ghoomar. According to a distinguished ghoomar specialist named
Roop Singha, this ghoomar dance is actually a story telling form in the mould
of dance through which media one can appreciate the actions of Raja­maharaja.
The original one includes nearly 50 to 52 times sitting and standing form of
postures along with the twirling again and again. Such performance direly needs
high energetic level which is seemed little less in co­-dancers in Padmaavat’s
Ghoomar. He has opined that the soul of ghoomar is missing in this filmy
dance though their effort is appreciable and he commented about the song
that it is also not so energetic.

Deepika has said that this dance is the toughest performance to her till now
career. Continues practice for this ghoomar made her very weak though her
hard core attempt makes this dance form little akin to the original form.