#2 Unreleased Bollywood Movies.



Khabardar (1984)
This euthanasia­themed film had Bachchan as the doctor and Kamal Haasan as
the terminally ill patient. Producers pulled the plug after 16 reels, fearing

Zameen (1988)
Ramesh Sippy’s magnum opus with Vinod Khanna, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit
and Sridevi. Nearly half of this feudal epic was shot on a multi­crore set in Film City before it came to a halt after the producer ran out of finance.

Shinaakht (1988)
It starred Bachchan as a secret agent who loses his memory during a mission
and is discovered by college girl Madhuri Dixit. Tinnu Anand abandoned it after
a week, because it was “too similar to the theme of Ganga Jamuna Saraswati”.

Khuda Gawah (1978)
Bachchan as a cowboy? Anything was possible in the 1970s. The film didn’t get
beyond a few days but the producer re­used the title in a 1992 film, with
Bachchan yet again in the lead role.

Zoonie (1989)
Muzaffar Ali’s historical biopic on a Kashmiri peasant (Dimple) who married
Sultan Yusuf Shah (Vinod Khanna) and later ascended the throne of Kashmir
after her husband’s death.

Bandhua (1989)
J.P. Dutta’s first film with Bachchan about bonded labourers never took off. It
starred Waheeda Rehman and Pooja Bedi.

Time Machine (1992)
A Back To The Future­inspired flick starring Aamir Khan, Raveena Tandon and
Naseeruddin Shah. Was three­fourths completed when director Shekhar Kapur
packed his bags for Hollywood.

Kalinga (1991)
Dilip Kumar’s directorial debut about an upright judge. Two years and the film
was still unfinished. Producer Sudhakar Bokade figured the perfectionist
thespian would take forever to finish the film.

London (1997)
Producer Sunny Deol teamed up with a pre­Bend It Like Beckham Gurinder
Chadha to shoot a film about the Indian immigrant experience in London. Deol
seized the directorial reins, renaming it Dillagi. The film bombed.

Sarhad (1976)
J.P. Dutta’s directorial debut about Indian prisoners of war, starring Vinod
Khanna, was half done when the producers ran out of finance. The film was
abandoned and Dutta had to wait another nine years for Ghulami.

To be continued..